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Helping property owners and contractors

Smart Claims Public Adjusting is the voice for Texas' insurance consumer.

As climate related catastrophes become more frequent and with greater severity, insurance companies are safeguarding themselves when it comes time for their policyholders to file a claim.

A strong advocate is needed to represent homeowners and business owners when insurance decisions are made and as they travel down the claims process.

Beyond the fiduciary responsibility Smart Claims has to its clients, we are committed to helping roofers and restoration companies recover more for their projects while equipping them with software that allows them to scale their lead generation. 

Located in Houston, Texas

Centrally located in Texas, Smart Claims can service any major metro market in Texas and deploy quickly to other states throughout the US.

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Ted Patestos

Public Insurance Adjuster

TX License # 2652521

LA License # 896455 

Avatar 86

Anthony Mita
Public Insurance Adjuster

PA# 876239 

NJ# 3001357965

DE# 3001361121

TX# 2685781

Avatar 86

Brendan Steinbrecher
Public Insurance Adjuster

TX License# 2644673

LA License# 1011047

DE License# 3001042797

MD License# 3001286259

NJ License# 1673864

RI License# 3001719796

PA License# 844637

CA License#4160131


Stewart Severino

Public Insurance Adjuster

TX License # 2589570

LA License # 985112 

Eric website photo 1_edited.jpg

Eric J. Goldman, Public Insurance Adjuster

FL License # W954034 

Public Adjuster Blog Series

Pictures of Steve 004.jpg

Steve Lander, Public Adjuster

FL License # W954034

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