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Property investors- Your property market value could decrease

Mother nature can decrease the value of your property if you aren't paying attention.

As an informed property investor, you should be aware of the value of your property at all times. Certain things can cause the market price to decrease. Some of these things, such as natural disasters, are out of your control.

One obvious threat is hurricane damage but one not-so-obvious threat is hail.

Hail in many areas go unnoticed especially if you aren't occupying the commercial property. From the insurance company's standpoint, large hail begins at 1.5".

This is large enough to do some damage to the roofing system and the HVAC units -assuming they are on the roof- damaging coils and soft metals.

What many property owners don't realize is that by hiring a public insurance adjuster to handle the claims process, they can be that the claim will be fully maximized and that the asset will retain its value.

Public adjusters can also monitor properties throughout the year as well as take a look-back to see if any significant events impacted your property with the goal of recovering what is owed to the asset owner.

Let Smart Claims Public Adjusting help maintain the value of your asset.

For more information call us at 281-607-0042 or email

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