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Property Managers strategically leverage public adjusters

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

Property Managers confide in Public Insurance Adjusters to deal with the burden of handling insurance claims and get the maximum claim settlement so their client's assets maintain fair value.

Property managers have enough going on without having to deal with time consuming insurance companies and their adjusters, contractors, tenants, and owners.

We solve for that issue. The next time damage occurs on one of your properties, don’t stress…we can be on site and handle your claim from beginning to end.

We can also run a historical report on all of your properties to see if they have been impacted by severe weather like hail, for example. Why do this? Severe hail (especially in Texas) can be extremely damaging to the HVAC units and soft metals on the roof. You want to make sure these are functioning property and haven't been compromised in anyway.

Property management companies understand the high-value services we offer for consistently delivering professional “Pro-Policyholder” insurance claim results from our proactive representation and systematic documentation that compels insurance companies to settle fairly and promptly.

We are so confident in our work, we do not charge a retainer for our services. We work for you on contingency fee terms…no recovery, no fee.

We also offer risk free insurance claim services that include FREE policy reviews, annual building inspections and weather monitoring services.

Download our info pack and weather report example.

Smart Claims for Lenders
Download PDF • 796KB

Contact us for a free historical weather report or to learn more about how we work.


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