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Why hire a public adjuster?

Here's the scenario:

You come home and see the devastation that a fire has caused...

You lost everything...

Your losses are extensive, but no matter what the damage is, whether it is a fire, flood, or other damage, a public adjuster can help...

A public adjuster is a licensed professional experienced with property losses and damages. They are often the go-to person when a homeowner or business owner is left with nowhere to turn to, and often are the first point of contact for many claimants.

A public adjuster is skilled in handling the claims process and negotiating with the insurance companies.

Hiring a Public Adjuster for These 3 Reasons

These are the three most essential reasons to hire a public adjuster to make yourself whole after having suffer a major loss:

Presenting your claim: Having someone who can present and argue your claim against the insurance companies -that you pay for- is vital for your claim. You want the best settlement for your claim. Hiring Smart Claims will get you there.

Skills and expertise: Handling of a cryptic policy is not as simple as solving a math problem, which is why you need a public adjuster because the average person cannot learn the industry jargon from one day to the next.

Error free: Dealing with a property loss is tedious due to all the values that must be placed on every aspect of your home and identifying all the possessions that have been destroyed as a consequence. For that reason, avoiding errors will allow you to receive the most money.

BONUS reason to hire a public adjuster:

Faster payment: Anyone who suffers a property loss wants it repaired as quickly as possible but if it was a major loss, your insurance company will try to stall the process by bringing in their own adjusters to offer you the lowest possible settlement. This is where a Smart Claims public adjuster will speed up the process and see that you are paid quickly.

Many property owners have no idea that a severe storm impacted their property.

You may be entitled to a claim payout.

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