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Public Adjusters that add value to your business.

More claim-money for your projects.

Free storm leads.


Free storm leads

No other public adjuster provides this level of value!


Smart Claims introduces a no-frills alternative solution to those busy hail maps and  expensive property tools so you can scale your business efficiently,

We are giving roofers, contractors, and restoration companies the ability to find residential and commercial properties impacted by severe weather. We also provide the contact information of the property owner.


We want to create a value-chain between contractors and public adjusters that are looking to serve the policyholder.

How public adjusters help in the claims process

You know the deal...


Burst pipes, roof damage, fires, etc...Insurance carriers will likely have a role to play in paying for these damages but are they truly paying out what is owed to the policyholder and do you as the contractor have enough money from the claim to restore the home?


Public Adjusters can negotiate the claim for the policyholder, benefiting the policyholder and the contractor.

You are no longer at the mercy of the insurance carrier.

A few ways public adjusters help


When you're part of our reputable contractor network, you have access to opportunities to service policyholders in need of repair and restoration.

Offer more value

By having direct access to a public adjuster, you can leverage their expertise, services, and be an advocate to the policy holder.

Here are some ideas to use in your sales:

  • Offer a free claim inspection, policy review, and consultation.

  • Offer a licensed-guide to help answer questions throughout the claims process.

  • Filing of the claim and all paperwork, negotiation of the claim and full representation for the claims process.

Larger payments

On average, Public Adjusters get 747% higher payouts for the policyholder than contractors get on their own.


Average claim increase by using a public adjuster 

747 %

The Unauthorized Practice of Public Adjusting

States like Texas, Florida, Louisiana, Virginia, and North Dakota passed bills that limits who can negotiate property claim damage on behalf of the policyholder.

Depending on the state, the bill makes the unlicensed practice of public adjusting a felony that can result in a prison sentence of up to two years.

Stay compliant and leverage the state licensing of a public adjuster to help your clients maximize their claims.

Texas Insurance Code: Sec. 4102.001

Allow us to help you and your client

Working with a public adjuster doesn't mean they will take more of the claim money.

On the contrary, public adjusters have the legal authorization to negotiate on behalf of your client to ensure the repairs and losses are up to the standards necessary to indemnify your client.

Move from fighting for bids to getting a higher claim amount for the project.


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