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Property Managers: Maximize your property claim

How public adjusters help in the claims process

Burst pipes, roof damage, fires, etc.

Protecting your commercial asset is top priority.

When disasters and property loss occur, property managers need to respond with the utmost urgency to recover losses and get the property functioning ASAP.

Insurance companies send their adjusters to assess the loss but often times intentionally or unintentionally miss damages/loss that can drastically reduce your claim payout. The whole point of insurance is to spread risk but also to indemnify the insured, returning your property to its original state prior to the loss.

A few ways public adjusters help


Public Adjusters are licensed professionals trained to interpret your policy, diligently scope and estimate losses, and negotiate with your insurance company to ensure you get the most out of your claim. Smart Claims Public Adjusting manages the entire claims process, alleviating your burden so you can focus on managing the property.

Offer more value

By having direct access to a public adjuster, you can leverage our expertise, services, and be an advocate to the policyholder.

What we do:

  • Monitor your property throughout the year checking for past and present weather damages.

  • Free property inspections, policy review, and consultation.

  • Offer a licensed-guide to help answer questions throughout the claims process.

  • Filing of the claim and all paperwork, negotiation of the claim and full representation in the claims process.

Larger payments

On average, Public Adjusters get 747% higher payouts for the policyholder than property owners or contractors get on their own.

Public Adjusters work on contingency. We only get paid if your claim settles.

Average claim increase by using a public adjuster 

747 %

Do you use contractors to handle your claims?

States like Texas, Florida, Louisiana, Virginia, and North Dakota passed bills that limits who can negotiate property claim damage on behalf of the policyholder.

Depending on the state, the bill makes the unlicensed practice of public adjusting a felony that can result in a prison sentence of up to two years. Contractors also hit a wall when the insurance company is not willing to further investigate a potentially larger payout.

Contractors can stay compliant and leverage the state licensing of a public adjuster to help your clients maximize their claims.

Texas Insurance Code: Sec. 4102.001

Allow us to help you and your client

Working with a public adjuster doesn't mean they will take more of the claim money.

On the contrary, public adjusters have the legal authorization to negotiate on behalf of your client to ensure the repairs and losses are up to the standards necessary to indemnify your client.

We are licensed and legally authorized to negotiate on the policyholder's behalf while helping contractors to move from fighting for bids to getting a higher claim amount for the project.


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