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Exposing the Truth About Property Exposure Claims

For homeowners, a reliable insurance policy is a necessity. Frozen pipes can burst, intense storms will test a structure’s integrity, and wear and tear may require major repairs. But occasionally, hazards can also originate from outside the property lines.

Imagine if the house next door or down the block catches fire. Firefighters contain the flames and prevent them from spreading, but part of your home is left covered with soot and smelling like smoke. In the insurance industry, this is called exposure damage, and it’s not uncommon. Particularly in Philadelphia and other Northeastern cities where row homes and storefront properties typically share walls or have little space between them.

Identifying an Exposure Claim

The first step in recovering a settlement from exposure damage is recognizing it quickly. If water or fire damage occurs at an adjacent property, thoroughly examine your property as soon as you know about the incident.

Carefully walk through the areas of your home that were closest to the damage and look closely for signs that your property might have been impacted. Don’t forget air ducts, basements and attics, and other areas that might go unnoticed.

When large fires occur, neighboring properties often experience smoke damage that appears as soot or black marks near air vents and on internal and external walls and surfaces.

Remember, an incident at a nearby home isn’t the only reason to stay vigilant for a potential exposure claim. Wildfires, like those that have recently sent heavy smoke from Canada into the northern United States, can also cause damage when the particulates in the air settle on your property.

Start with your Insurance Carrier

Regardless of where the incident originated, if you discover what you believe is exposure damage to your home, you will need to file an insurance claim. But you don’t have to fight for the coverage you are entitled to alone.

The team at Smart Claims Public Adjusting’s Pennsylvania office is experienced with exposure claims and can take the lead on negotiating with your insurance carrier to settle your claim expeditiously. We inspect the damage for free and then work the claim to ensure the insurance company treats you fairly.

Following recent bouts of poor air quality in Philadelphia, our skilled public adjusters have helped dozens of policyholders successfully file for exposure damage covered under their insurance policy.

If you need help recovering a fair settlement for your property exposure claim, contact us at 445-214-7528 today.

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