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Winter Freeze Damage

It has been nearly 7 months since Winter Storm Uri rocked Texas. Property owners weren't the only ones taken by surprise. The insurance companies have yet to make many property owners whole. Public Insurance Adjusters are helping property owners recover what they are owed.

What is a Public Insurance Adjuster?

A Public Insurance Adjuster is licensed and governed by your state as an insurance professional with the goal of indemnifying you when it comes to property loss/damage. Public Insurance Adjusters have a fiduciary responsibility to you, the insured to help return you to your financial position prior to your loss. Best of all, they work on 100% contingency. If you don't get paid, they don't get paid.


Why should I use a public insurance adjuster?

There are many cases where the insurance company acts unfairly to the policyholder. They may deny your claim, under-pay your claim, or delay it for a long period of time. Why? They are in business to make money so the longer they can hold on to the premiums you pay, the more money they make. A Public Insurance Adjuster can get involved in the claim at any point but it is most beneficial to involve him/her at the beginning.

Get up to 750% more on your claim.


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Our process gets you to a settlement

Our process gets you to a claim that is paid out quicker post loss. As you may know, the insurance companies don't have the capacity to service every customer during a catastrophe like Uri. By hiring us, we stay on top of them to ensure you get treated fairly and you're not left months without a resolution.

Step 1 - We evaluate your loss via a property inspection and have you sign a letter-of-representation so that we may represent your claim to your insurance company. 

Step 2 - We will devel0p an extensive report and analyze the language of your insurance policy so that we may effectively negotiate the terms and value of the claim.

Step 3 - Once we are satisfied with the settlement offer the insurance company will distribute payment.


La pérdida de propiedad y la pérdida de artículos pueden ocurrir en cualquier momento.

La mayoría de los titulares de pólizas no se dan cuenta de que su póliza puede cambiar de un año a otro. Nuestros ajustadores públicos manejan su reclamo sin gastos de bolsillo, lo que garantiza que tenga la mejor protección.


Las compañías de seguros no siempre juegan limpio cuando se trata de indemnizarlo después de que ha ocurrido una pérdida de propiedad.

Smart Claims se asegura de que reciba un trato justo.


According to Texas Department of Insurance, contractors cannot:

  • Investigate, appraise, evaluate, give advice, advocate on behalf of or assist their customer in adjusting a claim.

  • Prepare the insurance claim for their customer. Negotiate the claim with the insurance company on their customer’s behalf.

  • Offer to review the insurance policy or advise their customer on the insurance policy’s coverage.

  • Advertise or provide written materials that they can negotiate or investigate a claim on their customer’s behalf. This includes advertising to be “claim specialists” or “claim analysts” or any other similar terms, or advertising or claiming that they can “deal with insurance companies” or in any way increase the claim settlement amount for the policyholder.

Recover your full claim

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Got it! One of our public adjusters will be reaching out to you shortly. Keep an eye out for our email.

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